Witamy w polskiej szkole Ottawskiej im. Wiktora Podoskiego

Happening now

We are collecting parent council fees for 2022-23. The funds allow us to organize events for your children, such as, Santa’s visit, winter carnivals, sleigh rides, singing lessons, children's day and more.

The goal for this year is to raise $5000 for our 167 active students.

The fees are:
$50/1 child, $90/2 children, $120/3+ children.

Please use the following form to signup and contribute to our goal.



Welcome all children from junior kindergarten to grade 12. The in-person classes take place every Saturday from 9:30-12:00 at St. Nicholas High School.

Registration for in person classes for 2022-23 school year are already open.

Use this link to register.


Parent Council

The parent council organizes numerous events for the student throughout the year in addition to regular school activities. These include:

  • Gifts from Santa

  • Winter kulig (sleight rides)

  • Pączki

  • Music classes

  • Year end children's day

  • and more

We rely exclusively on voluntary financial support of the parents. If you are interested in joining the parent council please use the following form to contact us.