Welcome to Polish School in Ottawa

Welcome all children from Junior Kindergarden to grade 8. The 2018-2019 school year started on Saturday, September 9th.

Registration starts at 9:30am. You will need:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Ontario Education Number (found on report cards)

Cost for Ontario students is $10 and for out of province students it is $160. Online payment can be made through OCSB site.

To register a new student please come to the school's office. To register a returning student please go directly to the classroom. In addition students would register to the folk dance group Polanie. The registration will take place on Saturdays after regular school classes.

For additional information regarding registration, school year organization and events please call the school administrator, Renata Bogusławska - tel. 613-820-7029 or email: Renata Bogusławska

For more information on the OCSB Polish language program, please download the pamphlet.

Our Staff

Renata Boguslawski - Site Administrator

Halina Zawadzka-Wojcik


Jolanta Bandrowska

Magdalena Bronowska

Grzegorz Chochlinski

Agnieszka Czerniakow

Urszula Gozdowska

Ewa Konczarek

Ula Magdziak

Maria Marchwica

Agata Morchat

Aleksandra Skubicha

Maria Smetny-Sowa

Marianna Sowka

The teaching staff also includes Slawka Bielska-Kosmider.


Mrs. Ewa and Mrs. Lucyna